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Trisodium Phosphate

We Cotex Chem Pvt Ltd have the highest level of expertise in formulating qualitative range of Trisodium Phosphate that is available in both crystal and anhydrous form. Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) is the inorganic compound. It is a white, granular or crystalline solid, highly soluble in water producing an alkaline solution. Tri-sodium phosphate is manufactured by neutralization of phosphoric acid solution using sodium hydroxides along with sodium carbonate.

We manufacture, supply & provide this Trisodium Phosphate to our prestigious clients in Mumbai, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, hyderabad, Karnataka, India.
Applications of Di Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate:

  • Tri sodium Phosphate used in Paint Industries.
  • Tri Sodium Phosphate used as Water Treatment Chemical
  • Dairy Industries For Specially for Cheese
  • Tri-sodium Phosphate is used in photographic developers, in clarifying sugar and also in removing boiler scale

Trisodium Phosphate

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