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Mono Potassium Phosphate

Mono Potassium Phosphate/Di Ammonia Phosphate

Mono potassium phosphate is formed when caustic potash lye or caustic potash flakes are added to the solution of phosphoric acid until the desired PH is obtained and further dried to obtain fine quality white powder. Mono Potassium Phosphate is a commonly also know as Potassium Di-hydrogen Orthophosphate, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic or Mono Potassium Phosphate (MPP)

Mono Potassium Phosphate

Applications of Mono Potassium Phosphate:

  • Mono potassium phosphate is widely used as a buffering agent for the determination of PH value
  • Mono potassium phosphate when used with urea and ammonium phosphates, helps to capture ammonia gas in soil, by keeping PH level low
  • Mono potassium phosphate is also used as a food additive and as a fungicide

Grades We Manufacture :

  • Mono Potassium Phosphate Anhydrous ( Technical / Industrial Grade )
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate Anhydrous Pure Grade

Formulation :

  • H3PO4 + KOH = KH2PO4 + H2O
  • 2H3PO4 + K2CO3 = 2KH2PO4 + CO2 + H2O
Mono Potassium Phosphate

Specifications :


Product Name Mono Potassium Phosphate (MPP) Anhydrous
IUPAC Name Potassium Di-hydrogen Phosphate
Molecular Formula KH2PO4
Molecular Weight 136.1
Appearance White Fine Powder
PH Range (1% w/v) 4.0 – 5.0
Assay % (minimum) 99.00
P2O5 content % (minimum) 52.00
‘K’ Content % (minimum) 34.00

Packing and Quatily

We CotexChem Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer and supply both Industrial and pure grade of Mono Potassium Phosphates which are packed in HDPE bag with LDPE liner in 25kgs and 50 kg or as per customers requirement.

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