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Di Sodium Phosphate

We Cotex Chem Pvt Ltd are engaged in manufacturing, supplying & providing Di Sodium Phosphate to our clients in Mumbai, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, hyderabad, Karnataka, India. The Di Sodium Phosphate also known as Sodium Phosphate Di Basic, Di Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Di Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate is sodium salt of phosphoric acid and occurs as a white powder which is highly water soluble and hygroscopic. Di-sodium Phosphate is obtained when a solution of phosphoric acid is reacted with caustic soda, until the higher PH is obtained.

Applications of Sodium Di Hydrogen Phosphate:
Di Sodium phosphate crystal is used along with sodium phosphates in treatment of food and water. We provide Hdpe packaging of our products in 25, 30, 40, 50 kgs sacks and bags or as per customer requirement.

  • Di Sodium phosphate is used as laboratory reagent and a buffer in chemical analysis
  • Di Sodium phosphate is used in manufacturing ceramics
  • DSP is used in manufacturing Detergents & Soap

Di Sodium Phosphate

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